Holiday & Travel Guide For Seychelles

Holiday & Travel Guide For Seychelles

The beautiful island with Seychelles has stunning beaches, hot sun, and really clear waters. If you don’t wish to spend all your holiday time relaxing on the beaches visit one in the museums close to Victoria. Or please take a tour and discover the legendary coco-de-mer double nut and extraordinary bird and tortoise colonies. There are many photo opportunities around the island using exotic birds and exquisite flowers.

Aldabra is where to find out the giant land tortoises. With plenty of heritage buildings and delightful botanical gardens, there’s always something to view for this sun-drenched romantic island with Seychelles. Take a horse-drawn romantic carriage ride and take it within the sights. Any time of the day or night you will find it pleasurable and interesting to find out the gorgeous island at a slow pace.

Shopping Opportunities

There are many shopping opportunities for people searching for souvenirs. Seychelles has many small open markets selling a wealth of cheap small items for those tourists. The food finance industry is full of color and exotic fruits and vegetables, it is extremely an experience. There are a few fine quality jewelry stores but there aren’t any large shopping centers or stores so unfortunately shopping can be very disappointing, but who visits Seychelles to buy?

Culinary Attractions

As in many places all over the world, restaurants take care of your entire needs, whether you’re trying to find an intimate fine dining experience or a pizza with the family you will be certain to find what you will be looking for. Fish and exotic octopus is found to be served in lots of restaurants or get one of these typical Seychelles’ delicacies, and another of an acquired taste, curried fruit bat. This is said to taste a little like a rabbit. Most of the food carries a Creole and French influence with it, but you can find a good curry or perhaps a burger bar at the fingertips of one’s hotel. With most hotels catering for all you family there could ‘t be a need to visit out of one’s hotel complex if you do not would like to, you will still try a varied menu in your hotel.


There are very few discos or nightclubs inside Seychelles, but those who you can find are influenced by the Jamaican reggae scene. Mostly entertainment is reliant inside your hotel. You will find around four nightclubs and when you fancy a flutter you can find a few casinos. There is merely one cinema around the island showing anything from Hollywood to Bollywood, plus subtitled movies. You would perhaps be better off creating a nice meal and going for a horse-drawn carriage ride in the moonlight or perhaps a cruise after supper if you are an intimate couple. For the family, there is always something to accommodate many people inside the hotels with local entertainers and traditional music and quizzes, as well as the usual party favorites.

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