Holiday & Travel Guide For the Gambia

Holiday & Travel Guide For the Gambia

Monkey Park

you could understand the bird and vegetation in the area, to some mini cruise at sunset across the Gambian river, there are numerous excursions inside the Gambia. Travel along its narrow but beautiful countryside with color and sunshine all year long. Take a visit over to see the baobab tree; every aspect of this tree is useful from your fruit, seeds, and leaves which are used as ingredients in sauces, beverages, and medicines as well as for making ropes. Parks and reserves are dotted everywhere in the Gambia. The most famous reserve is within Abuko, approximately 25 kilometers drive from Banjul. The park continues to be protected since 1916 as it supplies the main city featuring its drinking water. Have a vacation to some of the local schools and then leave a donation for them to prosper in their education.

Baboon Island

You could travel to Gambia National Park also is called Baboon Island. Unfortunately, the riverboats usually are not allowed to stop that you can type in the Island, this can be hence the monkeys might be left undisturbed, but it’s still an incredible day out and incredibly photographic. Abuko is often a paradise for those of you who will be bird watchers with more than 300 species within this tropical forest. It is a must for all your family to see its sights and sounds. If you would love to determine a diverse variety of cultural items check out the National Museum in Banjul. You will need several hours to find out everything but it is worth a trip there. If you’re quite daring and would love a great experience visit Bakau crocodile park where you can walk one of the crocodiles, some are even friendly enough you’ll have your photo taken stroking one, in the event you dare.


The Gambia is known for its fresh sea fish dishes using Barracuda, Atlantic prawns and butterfish. Fish are cooked with vegetables and rice. Try Domoda one with the island’s typical dishes. This is meat stewed in peanut puree and served with rice. Chicken Yassa is cooked with lime and rice a delicious tangy dish. The Gambia does provide cuisine from all around the world. These are served in luxury hotels and lots of restaurants inside towns. Fast food is accessible although not as accessible since many other countries. Outdoor shacks do sell junk food but are cautious you may well be taking a vacation to the hospital afterward pretty fast too.


In Banjul, there is little change or no nightlife, if any it’s going to be hotel based, but a quick taxi ride is going to take you to the town of Sennagambia where one can find all the nightlife you would possibly want. The music is varied on your travels playing all types from Pop to Reggae and R&B. There are lots of restaurants too, some playing local live music. You can have a night out if that’s what you’re seeking on your holiday within the Gambia.


There are not any designer stores or supermarkets inside the Gambia and there’s little or no shopping in Banjul. There are local markets, selling crafts and beads and some bargains may be had with silver items and delightful material. Leather belts, hand made jewelry and tourist souvenirs are about all you can purchase inside the Gambia.