Holiday & Travel Guide For Mexico City

Holiday & Travel Guide For Mexico City
Holiday & Travel Guide For Mexico City

Mexico City is an amazing city to visit and one of the largest in the world, full of beautiful sights and sounds. In this bustling city, you won’t lack a place to explore, with amazing historic sites and famous landmarks. Visit the city square which is the second largest in the world next to Moscow Red Square, where many festivals are held throughout the year. The magnificent National Cathedral stands just outside the city, but like many historic sites in Mexico that sink to the ground. The National Anthropology Museum is a fun day for families, there is so much to see, from Aztec relics to Mesoamerican artifacts, you will need a full day to see it all. Ride the God City Pyramid, then after a few tiring days exploring extraordinary sites, take a relaxing yet colorful boat down the canal between the Hanging Gardens. With bright colors and exotic flowers, they are a must-see for flower lovers, who can also buy some along the way.


Eat enough experience in Mexico, the most popular food is tacos or tortillas filled with spicy fish, meat or vegetables. The most delicious food is found in street vendors; If you want something a little more international, you will find a variety of dishes served in larger restaurants. Not forgetting people on a family budget, there are a number of places where fast food can be bought but do as the locals do and have Tortillas: experience the taste of Mexico.


Mexico City does not have a beach, but you can travel to Acapulco with its beautiful beaches like Condesa Beach, located in a bay with white sand and clear water. There are many water sports available, from Diving in the Deep Sea to Jet Skiing, or you can ride horses along the beach and then relax in the roasting sunshine along a stretch of beach close to all amenities and entertainment. Remember that there are no lifeguards along the beach and the currents can be very strong, so you need to watch your children well. You will also find many vendors often harassing you, so if you want a quieter place try Icacos beach, you can also do the skate along this stretch of sand. There are many activities, such as family fun at the Water Park or swimming with dolphins, which you can enjoy in this area. If you have a budget, why not fly over cities and beaches in Hot Air Balloons? If you like something bolder, they have Bungee Jumping, but that can be very expensive, for a cheaper sensation you can watch cliff divers. There are lots of activities on the Mexican beach that are soaking wet.


You may be too tired from daytime activities to experience the lively nightlife in Mexico City, but you can relax with fantastic nightlife ranging from opera to circus sensation. Once you are in relaxed Acapulco, you can enjoy the amazing nightlife; from loud and crazy nightclubs to open-air bars and luxury casinos that also have restaurants and cinemas for you to relax and watch movies with your family.