There Are Several Restaurants Within Easy Walking Distance From The Hostel

There Are Several Restaurants Within Easy Walking Distance From The Hostel

The two we (I took this trip by myself but keep in mind that, you’ll find it super easy to make friends while using other hostel guests) attended were Fuel and Hominy Grill. Hominy Grill was good but a tad too upscale making it our go-to restaurant of choice. But Fuel, oh sweet sassy molasses was that ever good! Housed in an ex- gas station, Fuel oozed funky repurposing as thick as crude oil but much more appealing. Tables made from fuel-cost placards, lamps produced from the gas pump handles a huge open-air bar where the service bays used to be, and endless creativity using the food made for any dining experience that’s a moment hit. Add to these completely reasonable prices and a good beer list so we found the well-known restaurant in every of Charleston. Try the mediocre ones, it’ll be delicious and fun I’m sure, but you’ll always get back to Fuel.

For more sightseeing, I teamed up with my hostel-mates so we went towards the Middleton Place plantation, a very beautiful and historic example of the extravagance with the old plantation owners. You can easily spend an entire day wandering the gardens, barns, and outbuildings on this place so plan accordingly. Oh, and watch for alligators popping out from the pools inside gardens. We saw somewhat nipper (about four feet long) sneak out with the pool and try to create his long ago to the wilderness with the river. We also took the ferry in the market to Fort Sumter for many more American history and continued a Haunted Charleston ghost tour that met up at the Griffon Pub, an incredibly old English style pub in the city center. This was plenty of fun and since many with the tour guides are also performing arts students …

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Your Guide to an Adventurous Vacation in Charleston, SC

Your Guide to an Adventurous Vacation in Charleston, SC

Okay, I have to will. I got the thought for this trip after watching a chapter of Giada’s Weekend Getaways about the Food Network. What can I say, she did an incredible job of showing the neighborhood color and history of Charleston making an incredibly convincing case to visit.

Not that it takes much convincing. Charleston is often a city surrounded ever and intrigue. It went to live in its current location in 1680, so as far as America goes, it offers some history. A central time a lot of America’s history – after looking at and been the central player in a lot of the slave trade, the Revolutionary War, and also the Civil War – and sometimes ravaged by natural disasters including earthquakes and hurricanes, Charleston can shrug all of it off and its quiet sophistication. You can equally as easily dine in the room that George Washington, as well as other noble founding fathers, once did as you can tour the reputation one of America’s most stratifying institutions with the Slave Market Museum. Haunted ghost tours along with good piracy give much to contemplate while dining at some of the city’s fine restaurants. And there can be a large amount of them.

Charleston is surely a tourist town – using a population of 120,000 as well as an annual 4 million visitors, it can be a city created to cater. And it does so with all the class of old-fashioned Southern Hospitality plus a city steeped in old money. To put it into perspective, the gentleman I sat close to about the plane ride in am eager to exemplify Charleston’s hospitality which he offered me a lift in his BMW convertible towards the place I was staying. Talk about arriving towards the hostel in fashion!

Charleston used …

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Holiday & Travel Guide For the Gambia

Holiday & Travel Guide For the Gambia

Monkey Park

you could understand the bird and vegetation in the area, to some mini cruise at sunset across the Gambian river, there are numerous excursions inside the Gambia. Travel along its narrow but beautiful countryside with color and sunshine all year long. Take a visit over to see the baobab tree; every aspect of this tree is useful from your fruit, seeds, and leaves which are used as ingredients in sauces, beverages, and medicines as well as for making ropes. Parks and reserves are dotted everywhere in the Gambia. The most famous reserve is within Abuko, approximately 25 kilometers drive from Banjul. The park continues to be protected since 1916 as it supplies the main city featuring its drinking water. Have a vacation to some of the local schools and then leave a donation for them to prosper in their education.

Baboon Island

You could travel to Gambia National Park also is called Baboon Island. Unfortunately, the riverboats usually are not allowed to stop that you can type in the Island, this can be hence the monkeys might be left undisturbed, but it’s still an incredible day out and incredibly photographic. Abuko is often a paradise for those of you who will be bird watchers with more than 300 species within this tropical forest. It is a must for all your family to see its sights and sounds. If you would love to determine a diverse variety of cultural items check out the National Museum in Banjul. You will need several hours to find out everything but it is worth a trip there. If you’re quite daring and would love a great experience visit Bakau crocodile park where you can walk one of the crocodiles, some are even friendly enough you’ll have your photo taken stroking one, in the …

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Holiday & Travel Guide For Seychelles

Holiday & Travel Guide For Seychelles

The beautiful island with Seychelles has stunning beaches, hot sun, and really clear waters. If you don’t wish to spend all your holiday time relaxing on the beaches visit one in the museums close to Victoria. Or please take a tour and discover the legendary coco-de-mer double nut and extraordinary bird and tortoise colonies. There are many photo opportunities around the island using exotic birds and exquisite flowers.

Aldabra is where to find out the giant land tortoises. With plenty of heritage buildings and delightful botanical gardens, there’s always something to view for this sun-drenched romantic island with Seychelles. Take a horse-drawn romantic carriage ride and take it within the sights. Any time of the day or night you will find it pleasurable and interesting to find out the gorgeous island at a slow pace.

Shopping Opportunities

There are many shopping opportunities for people searching for souvenirs. Seychelles has many small open markets selling a wealth of cheap small items for those tourists. The food finance industry is full of color and exotic fruits and vegetables, it is extremely an experience. There are a few fine quality jewelry stores but there aren’t any large shopping centers or stores so unfortunately shopping can be very disappointing, but who visits Seychelles to buy?

Culinary Attractions

As in many places all over the world, restaurants take care of your entire needs, whether you’re trying to find an intimate fine dining experience or a pizza with the family you will be certain to find what you will be looking for. Fish and exotic octopus is found to be served in lots of restaurants or get one of these typical Seychelles’ delicacies, and another of an acquired taste, curried fruit bat. This is said to taste a little like a rabbit. Most of the food …

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Holiday & Travel Guide For Mexico City

Holiday & Travel Guide For Mexico City

Holiday & Travel Guide For Mexico City

Mexico City is an amazing city to visit and one of the largest in the world, full of beautiful sights and sounds. In this bustling city, you won’t lack a place to explore, with amazing historic sites and famous landmarks. Visit the city square which is the second largest in the world next to Moscow Red Square, where many festivals are held throughout the year. The magnificent National Cathedral stands just outside the city, but like many historic sites in Mexico that sink to the ground. The National Anthropology Museum is a fun day for families, there is so much to see, from Aztec relics to Mesoamerican artifacts, you will need a full day to see it all. Ride the God City Pyramid, then after a few tiring days exploring extraordinary sites, take a relaxing yet colorful boat down the canal between the Hanging Gardens. With bright colors and exotic flowers, they are a must-see for flower lovers, who can also buy some along the way.


Eat enough experience in Mexico, the most popular food is tacos or tortillas filled with spicy fish, meat or vegetables. The most delicious food is found in street vendors; If you want something a little more international, you will find a variety of dishes served in larger restaurants. Not forgetting people on a family budget, there are a number of places where fast food can be bought but do as the locals do and have Tortillas: experience the taste of Mexico.


Mexico City does not have a beach, but you can travel to Acapulco with its beautiful beaches like Condesa Beach, located in a bay with white sand and clear water. There are many water sports available, from Diving in the Deep Sea to Jet Skiing, or you can ride horses along …

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