The Godfather’s Advice on Three Marketing Killers

A friend of mine (not to be confused with a friend of our’s) told me that the don was willing to see me… and it wasn’t even his daughter’s wedding day. I was eager to discover how “the Godfather” increased sales so quickly with such a mild manner about him. Here’s what I learned and I hope you’ll take his advice to heart:

1. Don’t think that just because you think you have something that distinguishes you from the competition that it’s true.

What does your crew think? Whaddabout your customers? This is a killer if you guess wrong and will put your business six feet under before you can say Vito Corleone. I went through my first years of owning fitness & rehab centers that we were great, that there was no one like us and that people always got results when they came to us. I was right but I didn’t frame it in a way that people understood. What should have taken me months to promote, took me years. I left tens of thousands of dollars on the table. Will never do that again.

2. Don’t go chasing down new contacts and customers when your existing family wants to do more business with you. It’s just dumb, expensive and you’re gonna piss somebody off.

The time I spent running down prospects compared to taking care of my existing customers was astounding. It wasn’t until I understood the value of a lifetime customer that I began to reap serious rewards from paying attention to my customer base. Why we naturally hunt down new customers when there’ a gold mine at our rainbow, I’ll never know but I found out in time and did ok.

3. When you get into business with people who (still) owe you …

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How to Create a Best-Selling Coaching Program

Are you on the verge of something great? Have you been feeling stuck?

If you talk to anyone who really knows me, they’ll tell you that I don’t waste any time when it comes to new ideas. I need to flush them out pretty quickly and get into action, or I’ll be walking around thinking of nothing else.

For months I’ve been feeling like I am on the verge of something great, but wasn’t able to crystallize my vision until last week. So you can imagine it drove me crazy! What I realized was that I needed a system to decide what this new program would look like, how it would fit into my business overall, and what it would help me accomplish – before actually investing time, money, and effort into developing it.

So I stopped being emotional and decided to use logic. Then, magic happened!

Let me share this simple process with you, because it made all the difference, and will now make my program ten times more successful!

Basically, you want to think big picture. Ask yourself these questions:

* Why do you want to create it?

* How does it fit into your business strategy?

* What happens if you don’t do it?

* What problems will it solve in your business?

* What gaps will it help you close in your product funnel?

* What new opportunities will it open for you?

For example, here are just a few goals that came up for me when I was answering these questions:

* Avoid overwhelming people

* Create a community of clients

* Encourage implementation

* Increase retention rate

* Require minimum work after initial set up

* Reduce physical shipments

Once you get clear on your own goals, you want to ask yourself …

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