How to Use Attraction Marketing to Grow a MLM Business

Growing a multi-level marketing business by recruiting strangers might seem like a difficult feat, but you can use attraction marketing to bring interested people to you. Many multi-level marketers waste energy chasing people to recruit and they finally burn themselves out. There is an easy method called attraction marketing, which makes those interested in starting their own business or network come to you and help you build your network in the process. We have found many successful methods to make this work.

The way that attraction marketing works is by using your website to generate traffic and those that are interested will want to find out more. You first need a professional and attractive website so that you don’t look like a fly-by-night operation. Many of the multi-level marketing opportunities may include these in your start-up package.

From there, you need to increase traffic, so some of the traffic generation tools, such as Search engine optimization and Google Marketing will bring your website to the top of the search engine rankings, by choosing the proper keywords and using them properly.

AdWords and pay-per-click are effective for driving traffic to your website, too. By linking to similar websites or getting backlinks to yours, you can drive more website traffic. Sometimes, blogs, social networks and informational websites can offer great opportunities to become linked with credible and similar websites.

What is important about attraction marketing is to become the hunted instead of the hunter. Many successful multi-level marketers have figured out how to do this effectively using all of the traffic generating tools that the Internet offers. You can eliminate many advertising costs that traditional businesses have by taking advantage of free article directories and offering free advice.

Some successful multi-level marketers offer free newsletters, samples and free trial offers. Whatever is applicable to your multi-level marketing business, you need to use attraction marketing to bring the leads to you. If you are not a writer, you can have information put together by writers for your articles and newsletters quite cheaply. Of course, you don’t have to be an expert writer to attract people to your website and get them to sign up for a free gift or product trial.

Many industries use attraction marketing to bring the buyers to them. On the Internet, many websites use it to make the buyers interested in buying, since most people don’t like to be “sold” something. If you make it interesting, engaging and unpredictable, many people will be attracted to your website and want more.

Sometimes, by giving them advice and educating them, they will be attracted to learn more. By offering free newsletters, they will find out more. By offering free video demonstrations, lessons or conference calls, you will be giving them something of value and making them attracted to your site and they will want to find out more about what you are marketing.

Attraction marketing is attracting buyers or those that want to belong to your network instead of constantly looking for them on lead sheets and other marketing methods that take time and have questionable results. In multi-level marketing, it is easy to use your website to do attraction marketing by learning keyword optimization for the search engines and generating more traffic.

You can also make additional revenue by setting up an AdSense account at Google and others will want to advertise their links on your site and you get paid for the click-throughs, while optimizing search engines. If you get creative with attraction marketing, you will derive several sources of additional income, besides generating more interest in your multi-level marketing endeavor.

If you truly focus on the people you serve, you will attract more of them to you. Carefully formatted e-mails can be helpful once you have the very basic information from a sign-up to your newsletter, or you can use the website and newsletter to give them more education about the multi-level marketing opportunity you represent.

Attraction marketing is the best way to grow a business, even though it might take a little bit of time. It works because it is natural and pleasurable, since most people like to make decisions on their own as they learn more information that is interesting to them. It is your job to make your marketing efforts attractive enough to get them to support your efforts. Sometimes, you can get referrals, which helps you build the business even more.

If you use solid business systems, proper website marketing efforts and traffic generating search engine optimization, you will find that attraction marketing is the easiest way to grow your multi-level marketing business quickly.