Five Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website – Solutions on a Zero Budget

An online business could very well put you on the road to wealth and financial freedom. Your Internet business is an international shop front open 24/7 and 365. This global business has minimum overheads and can be making money for you while you’re asleep, dining in a restaurant or enjoying time with your family.

Highly educated accountants working in vast rooms crammed with computers, algorithms, formulas and half-eaten pizza estimate that the online and Internet business industry is worth over 600 BILLION DOLLARS annually and growing fast. If you already have an online presence or business, you have your finger on the pulse of where the big bucks are. Now you need to know how to get your hands on a big share of that money.

An online business is only successful if it is making sales. Sales only result from people visiting your website in order to buy something that they are interested in. Sales ONLY result from traffic! The only way to make an Internet business successful is to drive traffic to your website by the thousands or hundreds of thousands.

Most online business entrepreneurs have a major problem here. As an apprentice online marketer, they usually lack the funds to properly promote their Internet business. I was in that position myself not too long ago. I had no budget to market so I resorted to free or nearly free methods to drive traffic to my online business.

Five Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website: Solutions to help you get started on a ZERO budget.

1. Press Release: Write and distribute a press release about your Internet business. This will provide some valuable publicity for you and your business when the press release is picked up. The first release could be about the launch of your new online business and about you as a person. Remember, behind every business there is a person. In this case, it’s you.

2. News Story: Target media publications, newspapers, magazines and online blogs that are related to your Internet business and pitch storylines about your Internet business and about you. The ‘human story’ is always of interest to many people who want to know the trials and tribulations you may have experienced to start your venture and then about your successes… or failures. Every time a story is published about your Internet business you will get free publicity.

3. Free Classifieds: Promote your Internet business in free classified ad publications such as Craigslist, Google Base, Free Classifieds, USFreeAds and more. In the UK there is VivaStreet, Gumtree, Friday Ads and more. Search for ‘free classified ads’ in your favourite search engine.

4. YouTube: Start a YouTube community about your Internet business. Display a free video style commercial about your Internet business and target people to subscribe to your channel. Post regular updates on your site to keep your subscribers interested and keen and guide them to your main website in order to make the sales.

5. Article Writing: Submit articles about your Internet business and issues elated to it. Many readers are looking for information about your type of business and will refer to your website once they have read your article. Write about real issues that you may have faced and how you solved it and then how your business holds the solution for the reader.

Now take action! Make it happen. Remember, no one is coming to the rescue. If it is to be, it has to be you!