Advice on Choosing Staff Uniforms

Uniforms are a way to provide customers with the ability to know who works for a particular company, and present a professional and united representation to the public. Additionally, uniforms allow employers to control the appropriateness and condition of the clothes worn by their employees whilst they are at work. This is why it comes as no shock that over 32 million American employees have to wear a company uniform each day. If you are careful not to select a uniform that is ugly or difficult to wear, most employees will accept that they have to wear them without any problems. Uniforms let members of staff know that you care about their appearance and that you do not mind making an investment in them. Since they also create a sense of unity among employees, morale usually increases when they are required to wear uniforms.

You will probably end up paying somewhere between $100 to $500 per employee for each uniform, with the difference in estimates coming down to how many items you need to buy and the quality that you opt for. It might initially sound like a great deal of money, but two years is the typical shelf life for an employee uniform, so it really is not a lot. To begin with, if you cannot afford a complete uniform, you will want to get a uniform shirt for every employee, since shirts are the article of clothing the public sees most prominently. You can potentially tell employees that they have to provide their own black pants or skirt, however, if you do so some of them will inevitably turn up at work with poor quality ones, as they will not want to risk damaging their best items whilst they are at work.

Spending some time to choose which colors are best is crucial since color alone can really enhance or diminish the appearance of an entire uniform. You want colors that complement each other, go well with your company’s logo, and tend to hide light stains that might occur. It is suggested that you choose only a few colors to make up the whole uniform, and one of those colors needs to be a major color in your company logo. You will want to choose materials that are covered with a stain-resistant substance when selecting your uniform because they will be more durable and their colors will be retained when washing. By spending a few extra dollars per item to get a good quality fabric you will ultimately save a lot of money. The materials need to be appropriate for the work setting, so be sure that the clothing is not too thick for working in warm environments and not to thin for cold ones.