Lower your Costs, Use Texts Instead of Phone Calls

Lower your Costs, Use Texts Instead of Phone Calls

Telemarketing, especially Robocalling, has made many people reluctant to pick up their phones unless they know who is calling. Amazingly, the online encyclopedia Britannica reports that people now do more texting than talking on their phones. There are 3 things to remember when thinking about using any type of company text messaging.

Lower your Costs, Use Texts Instead of Phone Calls

I. Using Text Messaging to Notify Employees.

Many companies are now jumping on board using texting. They have found that it is an easy way to get in touch with employees without using the labor of having an operator or secretary calling them. This can be an efficient way of notifying employees of opportunities and of important messages they need to follow. Many people prefer to receive notices from their employer via text message instead of a phone message. Text messages can go where many phone signals do not. Sending a text is a great way to remind employees of last-minute meetings and changes in locations for gathering during an emergency. Also, whenever there’s a gathering in the conference room, especially if there’s food involved, employees would appreciate a short text. There’s nothing more annoying than getting back from a brief errand to pick up copier paper for the office only to find that the cake for the birthday party is all gone.

II. Customer service using text messages.

For inexpensive marketing purposes, your present customers will appreciate text messages to answer their questions. Many customers do not have the time to make a phone call to your business, but they would like a short question answered. Especially if they are at work, they would appreciate the privacy of using a text message on their phone instead of talking to customer service representatives out loud in close quarters.

III. Turning Customers into Brand Evangelists.

Because customers carry their phones everywhere, you can be notified when they’re close to your store or restaurant. Instead of printing circulars or sending junk mail or trying to send emails, the new way to contact your most loyal customers is by text.

The New York Times reported that a wonderful way to increase sales is to contact customers when they are close to your store. Many customers love knowing that there’s a special sale on for them when they happen to be walking by their favorite fashion boutique. Now this is a way that small retailers are using to increase their sales from those walking by.

It is important to remember that there are laws governing how and to whom a company can text. Please be sure to get permission from recipients to use text messaging to notify them of sales and other promotions that your company is doing. Consult a legal professional to make sure you do not get yourself into hot water by sending unwanted text messages to customers or sales prospects. Every western country has their own specific laws, so be sure to follow these carefully and you will increase profits while lowering costs to your business.