Handy Finds Ways to Keep Workplace Safe

Handy Finds Ways to Keep Workplace Safe


Safety practices are in place for a reason. Workplace hazards are a common thing and have destroyed hundreds and thousands of lives across the country. Therefore, you must garner healthy respect for workplace manners and habits. We have Handy with us today to educate us on a lesson on workplace safety, so let’s get started.

Handy Finds Ways to Keep Workplace Safe

The Ways

Here are some ways to keep the workplace safe –

1. Learn about the potential risks – Once you’re aware of the risks that are involved, you will automatically learn to avoid them. One golden rule of thumb is to report any abnormalities or unsafe conditions directly to your supervisors. Unless you’re qualified to handle a certain situation, you must do everything to shun your ego. Remember that your supervisor is obligated to maintain a safe working environment for you and your employees. Similarly, you too are obligated to avoid such disasters from happening. Always keep track of potential problems and be ready to inform the ones in charge.

2. Use your tools properly – Using inappropriate tools at critical moments is a common occurrence in workplaces. This also contributes to the majority of injuries. Make it a point to use the correct tools for the job and never replace one with the other, simply because you “think” it can get the job done.

Also, make sure to properly clean your equipment. Faulty tools can spell disaster for you and your colleagues. Clean them regularly and make sure they are always at their 100% before putting them to use.

3. Take breaks – Working can be strenuous but that doesn’t mean you must work around the clock. Taking breaks is very important as it freshens your mind and keeps it alert and working at full efficiency. If your work involves complicated machinery that can potentially harm you, burnout should be a primary concern. Try scheduling the most difficult tasks for the earlier hours of the day when your mind is at its best.

4. Wear appropriate gears – The sole intention of safety drills is to teach you how to use your equipment effectively. Even if you wear the correct gear, it can become useless if not worn properly. Things such as earmuffs, safety goggles, gloves, hard hat dramatically reduce your chances of contracting a fatal injury. Always double check your gear before starting your shift.

5. Use mechanical aids – Your body is as efficient as it is fragile. Keep an eye out for mechanical aids and use them whenever you can. You might think that you’re young and capable of handling any kind of workload. However, any internal injuries you might contract can take years to surface and can jeopardize your life if it does. To avoid such devastating scenarios, prioritize on using mechanical aids (wheelbarrows, cranes, conveyor belts, etc.) as frequently as possible.

6. Stay sober – It is not uncommon for employees to work under the spell of alcohol or some other drug. This is detrimental as it can cause serious accidents to you and your co-workers. Also, being drunk doesn’t promote a healthy working environment and can lead to future complications. Also, it’s against many company’s policies and can get you fired.


Workplace ethics are a common subject of discussion among workers. If you think something is wrong, it probably is. Maintain a clear line of communication with your superiors and avoid any conflicts. According to Handy, if you watch your back and don’t do anything stupid, you can survive any kind of environment.