Home-Based Business For Novices

There are many industries that one can enter from home, from writing articles to tree trading. But the more familiar affiliation with home-based business over the many years is an industry known as network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing. This industry has been put through a lot of name-calling because of money-grabbing schemes created for the sole purpose of scamming customers. And because of the similar structure and similar processes they are put under the same hat. This general assumption is similar to how people get confused with Pepsi and Coke, they are two completely different products and have two completely different systems even though they taste and look very similar.

The generic MLM company has been known to use hotel meetings as their way of introducing new people to the company. But in the theme of this article the truly best way to conduct entrepreneurial activity, that is truly duplicative, is from one’s own home. And though hotel meetings have proved effective how can one create a home-based business using the hotel meetings as their crutch?

The art of duplication is being able to transfer skills and knowledge onto an individual who will then be able to carry them out without needing to refer back for information or guidance. This can definitely be gained from attending hotel meetings, but continuing this activity may mean that a person can be bound to attending hotel meetings on a consistent basis. Think about it, if you follow the system and invite someone to the hotel meeting, and they too will invite someone to the hotel meeting. If then you decide to miss a week you could be seen as letting your team down, since you (the pioneer) are absent.

While I agree that live events are the best, since they give you a buzz, an intense grasp of motivation and an incredible pool of people to network and establish relationships with, using them solely to build a big business does not highlight entrepreneurial smarts. Other activities are necessary in order to grow a successful organisation. I constantly talk about multiple streams of income, multiple industries, well following that theme one must involve themselves in multiple activities including the use of the internet to grow their MLM business.

Establishing yourself as a brand from your own home gives you the flexibility and diversity to attract people to you as well as market to others. The more powerful and marketable you are as a person the more you’ll attract people to you, which reduces the responsibility on you having to go out and pitch people on your opportunity, since people will be attracted to you. It is a known fact that people join people, and establishing a powerful brand from your home-based business will provide you with a consistent number of leads on a weekly basis. Teaching people these principles will enable duplication in your business and allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labour from your own home.