Ending the ED Stigma: How Vidalista helpful

Ending the ED Stigma: How Vidalista helpful

Millions of men around the world face sexual health issues and Erectile dysfunction is one of the most prominent disorder in which a man finds it difficult to get a hard and stable erection during sexual intercourse. Men often link it with their manhood and instead of talking about it with their partner and seeking medical help, they isolate themselves emotionally and physically. The stigma that our society has created around sex and sexual health is the main reason behind this, men feel hesitant and uncomfortable in speaking up about their issues to others.

Studies suggest that over 45% of women and 30% per cent men experience some or the other type of sexual disorder in their lives. Age is one of the leading causative factor of ED, testosterone production in our body decreases as we grow old which lead to various sexual disorders like ED and lost sexual desire. According to Doctor’s, ED can be a warning sign for other health issues like cardiovascular disorder and diabetes. This makes it even more important to seek professional help in case of erection problems. Undergoing proper diagnosis will help in identifying the potential risk of severe health issues in the early stages. After all, prevention is better than cure and seeking a doctor’s help can save you from potential heart attacks.

In most cases, ED is not necessarily the complete loss of erection ability but the erection is simply not hard enough for satisfying sexual intercourse. However, these types of mild cases can easily be resolved by making minor lifestyle changes in the direction of an overall healthy body. if you are an inactive person who works at a stressful desk job, trying to be more physically active can be a good place to start. You don’t necessarily have to do an intense workout, a brisk 30 minutes evening walk or 30 minutes of your favourite sport is enough. Try doing meditation and yoga to manage stress levels and at a well balanced healthy diet. When your body will get proper nutrition, rest and a workout, its working efficiency will improve and you will feel more energetic in bed.

Follow these healthy practices for about 3 months and you will be surprised with the results. However, these changes are simply not sufficient enough to help you in severe ED conditions. Thankfully, there are plenty of treatment approaches available for this situation also. You can use penile vacuum pumps or can opt for testosterone replacement therapy. Although there is a more convenient treatment available, ED tablets like Vidalista will help you get a hard erection in just 30 minutes and its effects can last for above 4 hours. It is a wide enough time window for you to enjoy some pleasurable moments with your partner.

What is vidalista?

It is one of the doctor’s most recommended medicines for treating ED in men. This medicine contains a very potent PDE type 5 inhibitor drug called Tadalafil. This medicine is preferred in cases where dose flexibility is a deciding factor as the active drug in it can remain active for about 36 hours inside the human body and the effects on the erection process will only be initiated after an external sexual stimulus is applied. This means that the user can take this medicine one day before the planned sexual intercourse without worrying about voiding its validity or getting an unwanted erection in public spaces.

Is Vidalista safe?

Vidalista 20 is a tested and proven safe medicine that is available in the market for a long time. Its safety and efficacy in treating ED are well-established. If we use it under proper guidance and in therapeutic doses, Vidalista has no major side effects. Only some minor side effects like headache and headache and nausea are seen in some cases.

How to take Vidalista?

 To decrease the risk of facing potential side effects, you must keep these things in mind while taking Vidalista.

  • Vidalista is generally taken empty stomach with a glass full of water
  • Maintain a minimum gap of 30 minutes between dose and sexual activity.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption if you are planning to take Vidalista as it will nullify the effect of the drug.
  • Before taking Vidalista, ensure that you are not already taking any drugs that may potentially interact with Vildalista in your body.
  • Vidalista is contraindicated in cardiovascular disorders and GIL ulcers.
  • Never take an overdose of Vidalista or you may have to face a condition of prolonged and painful erections.

Medicines like Vidalista can prove to be a boon for men facing erection problems. They will give you the freedom to fulfil your sexual desires and have a pleasurable sex life.