Using Internet Video to Promote Your Business

If you own a brick and mortar business in today’s economic climate, you are probably trying to figure out how to best get your product or service in front of your local customers.

So, you have gotten your website ranked highly on search engines, but you still do not have that noticeable increase in customers you were told you would. SEO, or search engine optimization is only one part of using your internet presence to its maximum benefit. Once people go to your site, you must create a reaction in your new visitor that in essence is, “Wow, I think that doing business with this company is a No Brainer”.

How do you do that? On home page of your web site, the first thing you need to create is “TRUST”. You can do this by listing any business organizations you belong to, like the BBB, with a link to your rating. Use the textual content to describe why your way of doing business is different and better that other people in your local area doing the same thing. Have testimonials on your front page, in a sidebar, so visitors see it without needing to scroll down the page… What is the best type of testimonial? Video of your best customer saying how happy they are with your product/service is the best way to capture the interest of a new potential customer.

If the advertising department of your local cable service or TV station has contacted you to do a TV ad, bear this in mind, total cost versus effectiveness. A TV ad will cost you money for, the production, and every time it is aired. If the spots you choose are considered prime time, they will cost a lot more. Television advertising is called “interruption advertising”, for … Read the rest

3 Reasons I Love My Home-Business

Starting a home-based business was one of the best things that I ever did. It is the best decision that I ever made. I couldn’t think of anything worse then spending hours each day stuck in traffic, heading off to a cubicle with no natural light only to do mindless tasks for someone else that don’t seem to mean anything. I realize that I only have one life and don’t want to waste it working for petty people who don’t appreciate me and the effort that I put in. I am a man of creativity who likes to think outside of the square. You can’t do this working for someone else.

Here is why I love my home-based business.

It is midnight and it is okay- Because I work for myself I can set my own hours. This article was planned and written late at night because that is when I decided that I wanted to work. I do not have to fit in to the conventions of other people and their 9-5 mentality. My home-based business is flexible and I can fit it around other things that I have in my life- friends, family and hobbies.

I can do whatever I want- Being self-employed leaves me entirely flexible. I have the ability to pick and choose the projects that I want to work on. I can say no to work or projects that are of no interest to me. It is not like working for someone else whereby you must do what projects are given to you. There may also be office politics at play whereby your immediate superior gives you the worst projects because he doesn’t like you. You wouldn’t have these problems with your own home-based business.

I can work wherever I want- All of … Read the rest

How to Use Attraction Marketing to Grow a MLM Business

Growing a multi-level marketing business by recruiting strangers might seem like a difficult feat, but you can use attraction marketing to bring interested people to you. Many multi-level marketers waste energy chasing people to recruit and they finally burn themselves out. There is an easy method called attraction marketing, which makes those interested in starting their own business or network come to you and help you build your network in the process. We have found many successful methods to make this work.

The way that attraction marketing works is by using your website to generate traffic and those that are interested will want to find out more. You first need a professional and attractive website so that you don’t look like a fly-by-night operation. Many of the multi-level marketing opportunities may include these in your start-up package.

From there, you need to increase traffic, so some of the traffic generation tools, such as Search engine optimization and Google Marketing will bring your website to the top of the search engine rankings, by choosing the proper keywords and using them properly.

AdWords and pay-per-click are effective for driving traffic to your website, too. By linking to similar websites or getting backlinks to yours, you can drive more website traffic. Sometimes, blogs, social networks and informational websites can offer great opportunities to become linked with credible and similar websites.

What is important about attraction marketing is to become the hunted instead of the hunter. Many successful multi-level marketers have figured out how to do this effectively using all of the traffic generating tools that the Internet offers. You can eliminate many advertising costs that traditional businesses have by taking advantage of free article directories and offering free advice.

Some successful multi-level marketers offer free newsletters, samples and free trial offers. … Read the rest

Five Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website – Solutions on a Zero Budget

An online business could very well put you on the road to wealth and financial freedom. Your Internet business is an international shop front open 24/7 and 365. This global business has minimum overheads and can be making money for you while you’re asleep, dining in a restaurant or enjoying time with your family.

Highly educated accountants working in vast rooms crammed with computers, algorithms, formulas and half-eaten pizza estimate that the online and Internet business industry is worth over 600 BILLION DOLLARS annually and growing fast. If you already have an online presence or business, you have your finger on the pulse of where the big bucks are. Now you need to know how to get your hands on a big share of that money.

An online business is only successful if it is making sales. Sales only result from people visiting your website in order to buy something that they are interested in. Sales ONLY result from traffic! The only way to make an Internet business successful is to drive traffic to your website by the thousands or hundreds of thousands.

Most online business entrepreneurs have a major problem here. As an apprentice online marketer, they usually lack the funds to properly promote their Internet business. I was in that position myself not too long ago. I had no budget to market so I resorted to free or nearly free methods to drive traffic to my online business.

Five Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website: Solutions to help you get started on a ZERO budget.

1. Press Release: Write and distribute a press release about your Internet business. This will provide some valuable publicity for you and your business when the press release is picked up. The first release could be about the launch … Read the rest

Advice on Choosing Staff Uniforms

Uniforms are a way to provide customers with the ability to know who works for a particular company, and present a professional and united representation to the public. Additionally, uniforms allow employers to control the appropriateness and condition of the clothes worn by their employees whilst they are at work. This is why it comes as no shock that over 32 million American employees have to wear a company uniform each day. If you are careful not to select a uniform that is ugly or difficult to wear, most employees will accept that they have to wear them without any problems. Uniforms let members of staff know that you care about their appearance and that you do not mind making an investment in them. Since they also create a sense of unity among employees, morale usually increases when they are required to wear uniforms.

You will probably end up paying somewhere between $100 to $500 per employee for each uniform, with the difference in estimates coming down to how many items you need to buy and the quality that you opt for. It might initially sound like a great deal of money, but two years is the typical shelf life for an employee uniform, so it really is not a lot. To begin with, if you cannot afford a complete uniform, you will want to get a uniform shirt for every employee, since shirts are the article of clothing the public sees most prominently. You can potentially tell employees that they have to provide their own black pants or skirt, however, if you do so some of them will inevitably turn up at work with poor quality ones, as they will not want to risk damaging their best items whilst they are at work.

Spending some time to … Read the rest

Benefits of Using an IT Recruitment Agency

Every company has its own view on employing the services of a recruitment agency. Whilst some will prefer to bring in and develop their own in-house recruitment team, others find it easier and more efficient to let an agency carry this work for them.

For those that are undecided as yet, what exactly are the perks of letting someone else take care of your IT recruitment strategy? The following points should shed some light on why the additional cost can be fully justified for many businesses.

1.) Quick access to top-notch talent. The decision to use an IT recruitment agency is nearly always driven by a need for hard-to-reach, high calibre staff. Agencies often have the infrastructure to find talent that companies would struggle to unearth themselves. This is because, as well as having access to numerous CV databases and advertising mediums, agencies also maintain a number of personal connections to ensure great staff can be found within set timescales.

2.) A money saving option? Although companies often bemoan their agents’ fees, the truth is that a good IT recruitment agency can save their clients money. If, for example, a company is in desperate need of a .Net developer but can’t find a worker who is of a sufficient calibre in their local area, the search costs can quickly escalate. Both the time of the hiring personnel and the business cost of having an unfilled position need to be considered. A well-executed IT recruitment process can therefore prove highly beneficial in the long term.

3.) Expert knowledge. A number of IT recruitment agencies have consultants who are themselves highly qualified in the areas they are recruiting in. This allows them to speak in some depth and detail about available roles. This can bring enormous value as it allows … Read the rest

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